War in Ukraine: 100 Days of Fighting

The war in Ukraine entered its 100th day on Tuesday, with Russian troops still fighting Ukrainian troops in the east of the country.

The war began on February 24, 2022, when Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine. Russian forces soon took over many Ukrainian cities and villages, but Ukrainian forces resisted strongly and prevented them from taking the capital, Kiev.

In recent weeks, Russia has focused its attack on eastern Ukraine, where it is trying to control Donbas, an important industrial area. Ukrainian troops are fighting fiercely in Donbas, but Russian troops have an advantage in numbers and gear.

The war in Ukraine has caused enormous human suffering. Millions of people were evacuated from their homes, and thousands of civilians were killed. The war had also caused an economic crisis in Ukraine, where infrastructure and the economy had been severely damaged.


The United Nations condemned the war in Ukraine and demanded that Russia cease fighting and withdraw its forces from the country. The United States and its allies have also imposed economic sanctions on Russia in an attempt to pressure it to stop the war.

It remains unclear when the war in Ukraine will end. But it is clear that the war has caused great destruction in the country, affecting the lives of millions of people.

Here are some of the latest developments in the war in Ukraine:

Russia is intensifying its attack in Donbas. Russia is trying to control the city of Severdonetsk, an important city in Donbas. Ukrainian troops are fighting fiercely in Severodonitzk, but Russian troops have an advantage in numbers and gear.
The United States sends more weapons to Ukraine. The United States sent more weapons to Ukraine, including HIMARS missile systems. These systems can be used to hit long-range Russian targets.
The European Union agrees with the ban on Russian oil. The European Union has agreed to ban Russian oil. The ban will enter into force at the end of the year.
The war is causing an economic crisis in Ukraine. The infrastructure and economy of Ukraine have been severely affected by the war. The United Nations estimates that the war caused losses of $100 billion to Ukraine.
The war in Ukraine is a global humanitarian and economic crisis. It is important that we continue to support the Ukrainian people and demand that the fighting stop.


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