War in Ukraine: 100 Days of Fighting The war in Ukraine entered its 100th day on Tuesday, with Russian troops still fighting Ukrainian troops in the east of the country. The war began on February 24, 2022, when Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine. Russian forces soon took over many Ukrainian cities and villages, but Ukrainian forces resisted strongly and prevented them from taking the capital, Kiev. In recent weeks, Russia has focused its attack on eastern Ukraine, where it is trying to control Donbas, an important industrial area. Ukrainian troops are fighting fiercely in Donbas, but Russian troops have an advantage in numbers and gear. The war in Ukraine has caused enormous human suffering. Millions of people were evacuated from their homes, and thousands of civilians were killed. The war had also caused an economic crisis in Ukraine, where infrastructure and the economy had been severely damaged.    The United Nations condemned the war in Ukraine and demanded that Russi

Using Chat GPT for Blogs


 Writers Beware: Using Chat GPT for Blogs Has One Serious Issue

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When utilized appropriately, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a tremendous time-saving tool for writers and other content creators, including myself.

The most I had ever written before utilizing AI was three articles in a single day. Since then, I've been able to complete as many as six in a single day.

If you work in technical fields or as a writer, you should learn AI and develop your skills in prompt engineering.

Amateur AI users are uninteresting, but experienced AI users are powerful workhorses who can accomplish much more.

The Issue

                               Goh Rhy Yan's Unsplash photo

However, there is one significant issue that authors face when employing an AI software for blogging, such as Chat GPT.

Artificial intelligence is designed to be able to recognize AI, which is currently undesirable if you're using AI to produce content.

It will harm your SEO and any chances you have of receiving organic reach on platforms like Facebook or Google if you copy and paste your blog content from a tool like ChatGPT directly into a blog post.

?Can you solve this issue and continue to use AI in writin

Yes, however if you are working with AI, you need two specific 


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